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It was an ordinary night in October of 1938 when a news bulletin interrupted the program of dance music on CBS Radio with an alarming reportóaliens from the planet Mars had invaded New Jersey!

Radio listeners across the United States panicked, unaware that the broadcast was really just a fictional radio play performed by Orson Welles and a cast of actors based on the popular science fiction novel The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells.

Meghan McCarthy hilariously uncovers the true story of the Halloween radio prank that duped more than a million Americans. The book uses excerpts from the actual War of the World radio broadcast and includes information about the importance of radios in the 1930sóbefore the age of television and computers.

Told in dramatic, brightly-colored art reminiscent of the pulp magazines and dime store novels of the time period, this is the perfect picture book to introduce children to a fascinating piece of American history.