This was my working bibliography. For my own needs I grouped the articles by month. Obviously that is not how a normal bibliography is written. Also, it is not alphabetical as you will see in the book. Many of these articles were similar or repeats so I didn't include them. I also wasn't able to include many of the magazine and online articles about recycling. You can find those at the bottom.


Arizona Republic. “NY garbage rotting on barge after third state denies entry.” April 18, 1987.

Unwelcomed garbage

Saturday April 18, 1987

The Indianapolis Star. “Louisiana officials guard barge carrying 3,000 tons of garbage.” April 18, 1987,

The Galveston Daily News. “Floating garbage somewhere in Gulf.”

Sunday April 19, 1987

Garbage barge sneaks back past three-mile limit

The Indianapolis Star

Sun April 19, 1987

The Galveston Daily News. “Floating garbage somewhere in Gulf.” April 19, 1987

Garbage towed into Gulf of Mexico

Santa Cruz Sentinel

April 19, 1987

Akron Beacon Journal. “Garbage barge at sea – somewhere.” April 19, 1987

Unwanted garbage still in tow

Arizona Republic Sun April 19, 1987

Rotting Garbage Barge Towed From Louisiana

Albuquerque Journal Sun April 19, 1987

Floating garbage moved from oil rig, but remains a hazard

Galveston Daily News

Mon April 20, 1987

Garbage barge circles Gulf, awaits new dumping site orders

The Republic, Mon April 20, 1987

Pass the bucket: Garbage barge may find home in NY – where it began

Arizona Republic

April 20, 1987

Floating garbage moved from oil rig, but remains a hazard

The Galveston Daily News Mon April 20, 1987

Los Angeles Times

The world’s trash crisis, and why everyone is oblivious

April 22, 2016 Ann M. Simmons

Homeless garbage barge may go to Latin America

Arizona Republic

Tues April 21, 1987

The Galveston Daily News. “Mexico turns back U.S garbage barge.” April 26, 1987

Mexico turns back U.S garbage barge

The Anniston Star

Sun April 26, 1987

Mexico sends garbage barge back

The Pantagraph by The Washington Post

Sun April 26, 1987

Garbage Barge Looks for Port

Daily Sitka Sentinel

April 28, 1987

Will our ships come in? One hauls garbage, one’s an elegant orphan

Steve Orr and Kinsey Wilson

Democrat and Chronicle

Sat May 2, 1987

Garbage barge headed to Northeast again

The Paris News

Mon May 4, 1987

Garbage Barge Follows ‘Winds Of Fate’ Back Toward N.Y.

Albuquerque Journal

Mon May 4, 1987

Gutis, Philip S. “FOR TRASH BARGE CREW, EMPTY DAYS AND FLIES.” The New York Times. May 4, 1987

Garbage Barge Ripens

Tyrone Daily Herald

Monday May 4, 1987

Garbage heads north without a destination

The Galveston Daily News

Mon May 4, 1987

Garbage heads north without a destination

Mon May 4, 1987

The Galveston Daily News

A cargo of boredom, bother

Philip Gutis

The Akron Beacon Journal

Mon May 4, 1987

Tyrone Daily Herald

Garbage Barge Ripens

Mon May 4, 1987

Garbage barge headed Northeast again

The Paris News Mon May 4, 1987

With garbage we’d be Kansas

Peter Leo

Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Tues May 5, 1987

Albuquerque Journal “EPA Inspects Exiled Barge For Toxins.” May 5, 1987

St Louis Post Dispatch. “Unwanted Trash Barge Checked.” May 5, 1987

Just barge in, why don’t ya?

Tarry Hughes

Tuesday May 5, 1987 Poughkeepsie Journal

‘Homeless’ Trash Called Omen

The Kerrville Times

Wed May 5, 1987

Lawrence Kilman

Stink around garbage barge grows

The Salina Journal

Tues May 5, 1987

Garbage Barge Follows ‘Winds Of Fate’ Back Toward N.Y.

Who will take out the trash?

The Daily Chronicle

Wed May 6. 1987

Unwanted barge a serious omen

The Anniston Star

Wed May 6, 1987

Lawrence Kilman

‘Homeless’ Trash Called Omen

The Kerrville Times Wed, May 6, 1987

Lawrence Kilman

Unwanted Trash Barge Considered an Ill Omen

Daily Sitka Sentinel

Wed, May 6, 1987

Garbage is in the eyes of beholder

Max Rizley Jr.

The Galveston Daily News Wed May 6, 1987

Gutis, Philip S. “FOR ALABANIAN, L.I’S GARBAGE IS DREAM GONE BAD.” The New York Times. May 6, 1987

The New York Times

Lowell Harrelson’s dream turns sour

Philip S. Gutis

May 6, 1987

The Palm Beach Post. “Federal health agents probe garbage barge for hazards.” May 6, 1987

Gutis, Philip. “Lowell Harrelson’s dream turn sour.” The New York Times. May 6, 1987

The Palm Beach Post. “2 New york state sites willing to take garbage.” May 6, 1987

Unwanted garbage barge may have island home

The Paris News

Thur May 7. 1987

Landfills have change of heard, want no part of garbage barge

The Palm Beach Post

Thur May 7, 1987 Ron Hayes

U.S officials see silver lining in garbage fiasco

Atloona Mirror

Thursday May 7, 1987

The Galveston Daily News. “Bahamas spurns garbage barge.” May 8, 1987

Detroit Free Press. “Bahamas says no; barge still seeking site for N.Y. trash.” May 8, 1987

Barge of garbage leaves Key West, travels North

Florida Today

Sat May 9. 1987

Asheville Citizen Times. “Barge Chugs North.” May 10, 1987

John Donne, meet Duffy St. Pierre

Rome News Tribune

May 10, 1987

Rebecca Masters

Dobbs, Michael. “ON GARBAGE BOAT PRIDE SUSTAINS.” The Washington Post. May 10. 1987

Sailing with tons of refuse

The Beacon Journal

Sun May 10 1987

Hunter, Mary Jane. “Garbage barge monument to environmental misdeeds.” Florida Today. May 11, 1987

Garbage barge heading north

The Paris News

Monday May 11, 1987

Garbage barge monument

Florida Today Mon May 11, 1987

Mary Jane Hunter

Garbage barge heading north

The Paris News Mon May 11, 1987

Garbage barge heading north, but where to?

The Journal News Mon May 11, 1987

Garbage barge can come home

The Galveston Daily News

Wed May 13, 1987

Garbage barge can come home

The Galveston Daily News

Wed May 13, 1987

Garbage barge offered home

By the New York Times

The Salina Journal

May 13, 1987

Pariah garbage offered home

The San Bernardino Sun

Wed, May 13, 1987

Los Angeles Times. “Garbage Out, Garbage In, Islip Decides.” May 13, 1987

Wandering barge may go home

Asbury Park Press

May 13, 1987

Wandering garbage barge may go home

Asbury Park Press

Wed May 13, 1987

The Galveston Daily News. “Garbage barge can come home.” May 13, 1987

NYC won’t let outcast barge dock

Democrat and Chronicle

Sat May 16, 1987

No Port Yet For Garbage Barge

St. Louis Post Dispatch

Sun May 17, 1987

Garbage barge to await decision

The Paris News

Sun, May 17 1987

Sea captain’s pride keeps garbage afloat

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Sun May 17, 1987

Michael Dobbs

The News Journal. “Garbage barge hits legal snag.” May 18, 1987

The Morning News. “Garbage barge sits off N.Y. Harbor.” May 18, 1987

The Kerrville Times. “Trash Barge Encounters Legal Block.” May 18, 1987

The Galveston Daily News. “Barge off Brooklyn coast; restraining order OK’d.” May 18, 1987

Gearty, Robert. “Gar-barge in a stall.” Daily News. May 18. 1987

McFadden, Robert D. “GARBAGE BARGE RETURNS IN SEARCH OF A DUMP.” The New York Times. May 18, 1987

Barge off Brooklyn coast; restraining order OK’d

Monday May 18, 1987

Debate Rages As Garbage Awaits Its Fill

Albuquerque Journal

Mon May 18, 1987

Asbury Park Press. “Fat remains uncertain for garbage barge.” May 18, 1987

Garbage Barge Returns To Its Point Of Origin

St. Louis Post Dispatch

May 18, 1987

Barge sits off Brooklyn coast; officials get restraining order

Poughkeepsie Journal

Mon May 18 1987

Reno Gazette Journal. “Homeless garbage barge in New York Harbor.” May 18, 1987

Trash Barge Encounters Legal Block

The Kerrville Times

Mon May 18, 1987

The Paris News. “Garbage barge hits legal blockade.” May 18, 1987

Garbage barge is kept at bay, drawing gawkers

The Akron Beacon Journal

Tue May 19, 1987

John J. Goldman

The Pantagraph. “Dock plans delayed as barge tested.” May 19, 1987

Gar-barge inspires brothers to write a trashy hit tune

Poughkeepsie Journal

Tues May 19, 1987

June E Peoples

Goldman, John J. “Garbage Barge Drawing N.Y. Tourists Like Flies.” Los Angeles Times. May 19, 1987

Barge to be inspected

Detroit Free Press

Tues May 198, 1987

Parking the garbage barge. Floating reminder of national waste problem

The Christian Science Monitor

Victoria Irwin

May 20, 1987

Arizona Republic. “Garbage ship given clean bill of health to return NY trash.” May 20, 1987

McShane, Larry. “Garbage barge sits in N.Y. harbor awaiting decision.” The Journal News. May 24, 1987

Tug crew wants voyage to end

The San Bernardino Sun

Sun May 24, 1987

Asbury Park Press. “Judge will decide garbage barge fate.” May 26, 1987

The Paris News. “Garbage barge waits and waits.” May 26, 1987

Ellensburg Daily Record

Fate of barge delayed again

May 27, 1987

Gutis, Philip S. “JUDGE LIFTS BAN IN GARBAGE CASE BUT CITY DOESN’T.” The New York Times. May 29. 1987


Florio bills aimed at burning issue of incineration

Courier Post

Mon June 1, 1987

Garbage barge stirs new controversy

The San Bernardino County Sun

Tue June 2, 1987

Neumeister , Lawrence. “N.Y. town says it’ll take only half of barge’s garbage.” The News Journal. June 2, 1987

Garbage parade in Gotham

Democrat and Chronicle

Sat June 3, 1987

Legal blockade lifted to unloading of garbage

Asbury Park Press

Jun 3, 1987

Asbury Park Press. “Senator wages battle to keep garbage barge away from N.J.” Jun 3, 1987

The Washington Post


Cass Peterson

June 7, 1987

Islip’s links to mob led to barge fiasco, says official

The Journal News

Wed June 10, 1987

The Seguin Gazette-Enterprise

June 12, 1987

Maverick garbage barge gave Americans cause to ponder solid waste

Maverick garbage barge gave Americans cause to ponder solid waste

The Seguin Gazette-Enterprise

Fri June 12, 1987

Soaring Cost of Landfills Boosts Trash Recycling

Cass Peterson

Albuquerque Journal Mon Jun 15, 1987

He who laughs wins

T.W. Burger

The Gettysburg Times

Thurs Jun 18, 1987

Cabin cruiser new guardian of floating trash

The Journal News

Fri June 19, 1987

Asbury Park Press. “Tourists interested in garbage barge.” Jun 22, 1987

Garbage Barge Without Home Draws Tourists in New York

Albuquerque Journal Mon Jun 22, 1987

Garbage barge attracts tourists

Reno Gazette Journal

Mon Jun 22, 1987

Tour boats find gar-barge an attraction

Poughkeepsie Journal

Jun 22, 1987

Why it’s no longer good riddance to bad rubbish

The Sydney Morning Herald

Tues June 23, 1987

Shabecoff, Philip. “With No Room at Dump, U.S Faces a Garbage Crisis.” The New York Times. June 29, 1987


Famed garbage from barge returns home

July 1, 1987

The Salina Journal

The Daily Tar Heel

Thurs July 9, 1987

Garbage barge takes on water in N.Y. harbor

The Akron Beacon Journal Wed Jun 10, 1987

Gutis, Philip S. “Trash Barge To End Trip In Brooklyn.” The New York Times. July 11, 1987

Famed garbage from barge returns home

The Salina Journal

July 11, 1987

Cargo of garbage barge to be burned, ash going back to Islip

The Journal News

Sat July 11, 1987

The garbage barge finally has found a place for its waste

The Indianapolis Star

Sat July 11, 1987

What happens after garbage is put out?

The Seguin Gazette-Enterprise

Friday July 12, 1987

The Palm Beach Post. “Union workers trash plan for dumping garbage barge.” July 13, 1987

Another obstacle for garbage barge

The Galveston Daily News

Mon July 13, 1987

Don’t trash your garbage

America’s growing problem: Where to put the trash?

Poughkeepsie Journal

David Dawson July 17, 1987

More people, more garbage and dumps are hard to find

Florida Today

Tue July 21, 1987

The Des Moines Register. “Burn garbage barge’s cargo says panel, but borough says no.” July 11, 1987


The Galveston Daily News. “Garbage barge disposal plan OK’d.” Aug 11, 1987

Garbage-barge saga to end in burned trash

Courier Post

Thur Aug 13, 1987

Garbage barge fate now seems certain

Asbury Park Press

Thur Aug 14, 1987

Carting firms linked to mob financed the garbage barge

The Journal News

Fri Aug 14, 1987

Mike Gallagher

Investigators say barge was part of mob plot

Democrat and Chronicle

Fri Aug 14, 1987

Garbage barge linked to organized crime

Democrat and Chronicle

Sat Aut 15, 1987

Mike Gallagher

Garbage barge financiers linked to mob, records show

Courier Post Sat Aug 15, 1987

Mike Gallgher

Forget the ‘Love Boat,’ cruise the garbage barge

Florida Today

Mon Aug 17, 1987

Clarion Ledger

Mon Aug 17, 1987

T-shirt tugs at garbage barge

Standard Speaker. “Garbage boat skipper uses claim to fame.” Aug 19, 1987

It’s time for towns and taxpayers to face the garbage issue

Courier Post Fri Aug 21, 1987

Winston Porter

Garbage barge docks at Brooklyn incinerator

The Indianapolis Star Tue Aug 25, 1987

New York gets its garbage back

Detroit Free Press Tue Aug 25, 1987

The Republic. “Odyssey is over.” Aug 25, 1987

The Palm Beach Post. “Garbage barge ends 155-day saga at Brooklyn dock.” Aug 25, 1987

Garbage barge saga nears end

Atloona Mirror

Tuesday Aug 25, 1987

Garbage barge ends dump quest in NYC

Arizona Republic Tue Aug 25, 1987

Garbage barge odyssey ends in Brooklyn

The Indianapolis Star

Tues Aug 25, 1987

Jeffrey K. Parker

Barge loaded with trash docks at last

Asbury Park Press Tues Aug 25, 1987

Garbage ends barge dump quest in NYC

Arizona Republic Tues Aug 25, 1987

It’s up to you, New york, New York

The Republic Sun

Aug 30, 1987 Dave Barry

Environmentalists seek test for ash from garbage barge

Fri Aug 28, 1987

The Journal News


Gutis, Philip S. “THE END BEGINS FOR THE TRASH NO ONE WANTED.” The New York Times. Sept 2, 1987

Five-month saga comes to an end for garbage barge

Santa Cruz Sentinel Wed Sept 2, 1987

Herald and Review. “Garbage barge goes up in smoke (finally).” Sept 2, 1987

Neumeister, Lawrence. “Nation’s best-known garbage heap comes to fiery finish.” Hazleton Standard-Speaker. Sep 2, 1987

New York garbage barge saga comes to fiery end

The San Bernardino County Sun

Wed, Sep 2, 1987

Garbage barge saga meets fiery end

The Journal News

Wed Sep 2, 1987

Garbage barge’s trek ends; battles continue

The Pantagraph

Wed Sept. 2, 1987

The Courier Journal

Wed Sep 2, 1987

Garbage barge saga ending as crews burn bales of trash

Garbage barge up in smoke

The Gettysburg Times

Wed Sept 2, 1987

Wail of two cities: Is the Big Apple

Detroit Free Press

Mon Sept 7, 1987

Garbage barge is claim to fame

Democrat and Chronicle

Tues Sept 8, 1987

What’s L.I. best know for? Garbage says a new poll

Poughkeepsie Journal Tues Sept 8, 1987

Panama rejects a garbage barge

Detroit Free Press

Sat Sept 12, 1987

Saga of ‘Gar-barge’ II: A year of wandering

The Journal News

Sat Sep 12, 1987

Odyssey ends, problem continues

The Gettysburg Times

Fri, Sep 18, 1987


The Salina Journal. “Garbage barge junk offered as designer gift.” Nov 7, 1987

Garbage barge floating again as gimmick gift

The Daily Journal Nov 7. 1987

The San Bernardino County Sun · Sat, Nov 7, 1987 · Page 2

Los Angeles Times. “For Sale: Well-Traveled Trash (Barge Not included).” Nov 8 1987

Garbage barge illustrates waste disposal problem, speaker says

Stacie Cox Tues Nov 10. 1987

Daily Tar Heel


The Journal News

Sun Dec 27, 1987

The 87’ Trivia Quiz



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Tom Sawyer Key West’s new mayor

Eva Parziale

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Thurs December 5, 1985


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