Meghan was born sometime in the late 1970s. Ah, the '70s. As a youngster she painted trucks, ducks, and funny looking people. She also built space ships in the backyard, collected interesting looking rocks, built forts, climbed trees, studied tadpoles, nursed sick and injured rabbits and birds back to health (not always successfully),and ran around like any hyperactive child would.

In the elementary school years she played baseball, ran cross country, started a rock band, organized a haunted house, beat all the boys at dodgeball, and painted some more pretty pictures.

In the highschool years she played softball, basketball, joined the not so cool artclub, painted really big photorealism paintings, and failed every math class she took. Meghan now realizes that she didn't quite fit in. Everyone was just too "normal."

Then Meghan went to RISD where she was exposed to all sorts of crazy artsy people who didn't shower and used such words as "composition," "color," and "apropos." During freshman year, Meghan found that her hands were permanently dyed black from charcoal. She drew lots of partially clothed and not clothed people and dead animals.

After graduation Meghan delivered pizzas, then, she moved to New York. There, she almost got kidnapped and robbed and found that some people actually like spray paint and garbage. Meghan is having a grand time meeting interesting people and going to parties. She also takes her work very seriously and can't think of anything she'd rather do than children's books although she is ashamed that her spelling has not improved one bit.

Meghan likes: sunny days, rainbows, metal objects, antique shops, junk yards, rust, indie rock, lawn ornaments, abandoned buildings, dark, tomato sauce, paint, photoshop, bread, furniture, retro stuff, colorful rugs, overgrown plants, and cheese.

Meghan does not like: cats that bite, white cars, pizza with pineapple or potato toppings, raw fish, fish odors, fake people, unmotivated people, people with fanny packs, people who slap their children, oversized drooling dogs, leaky ceilings, or undecorated apartments.


" This is a photo of the "rock band." For some reason we thought it would a great idea to play at our 6th grade graduation. I really don't know what anyone thought of the "Future Hackers" - that was our name."


"This is a shot of the car I rode in at a 4th of July parade. The car got a lot of laughs and it became popular to shout "Bounce it! Bounce it!" because the car's shocks were broken and it could actually lift off the ground."
"One of these men is my father. Can you guess which one? One year my dad dressed up like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz -- lipstick, pantyhose, and all. Sometimes I deny my relation to him."

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