Shannon Connoly

East Farmington CT

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Andrew Greer

BrynMawr, PA

Age 7

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Alex Lenzi

Age 10

Descendant of Bermuda Triangle People.

Noah Lenzi

Age 8

Winged Arachnid Alien

Joshua Lenzi

Age 5

Winged Aliens with Bullets

Isabella Martinez

Age 6

Three Aliens

Kiyon Zarrin

Age 8

from California

"War of the Worlds"

Becky Fazenbaker


Alvin Stevenson

Age 10

Washington, D.C



Tavon Braswell

Washington, D.C

Alien From Planet Mars


Sara Day

Age 9


Age 5



Age 9

Drowne Road School, Cumberland Maine

Meghan's kindergarten drawing of an alien!

Obviously her teacher did the hand-lettering. Meghan was a big fan of E.T…clearly. Meghan also tended to write letters backwards at the ages of 4 and 5, which explains why it says "T E" on the shirt.

Kids! Send me your alien drawings and they'll be posted here… for the world to see!

Give me your name, age, state you live in, and the picture's title

Please send them as JPegs to

or mail to:

Meghan McCarthy
240 A Nassau Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11222