Meghan's "biography" can be found on Friendster in its entirety…including the ridiculous photo


Zodiac Sign: Scorpio, but don't believe in that stuff

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Hometown: know, that tiny state

Schools (Other): RISD, the only place where you can draw with your feet and call it art.

Occupation: author-illustrator-wanna-be-showgirl

Companies: My favorites are Checkers Pizza and the RISD Naturelab. Those were some good times. Now I work at B&N and shelve books and tell people where the bathroom is.

Affiliations: Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, Children's Book Illustrators' Group NY, a YA book club in NYC that I started, and just about every dorky children's book online group there is.

Hobbies and Interests: Wind surfing and painting rocks gold

Favorite Books: Adult: Metamorphosis, A Separate Peace, Angela's Ashes, Fahrenheit 451, Brave New World, Dorian Gray, Amateur Marriage, Running With Scissors, Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow, The Tipping Point

MG/YA The Giver, Feed, Chocolate War, A Secret Garden, The Goats, House of the Scorpion, Speak, The Face on the Milk Carton, Corner of the Universe, America, Cut, Fat Kid Rules the World, Shattering Glass, Take Offs and Landings, America, City of Ember, Dicey's Song, Jacob Have I Loved, EVERYTHING by Roald Dahl

Picture Books: Too many to name. Seriously.

Favorite Movies: Harvey, Little Fugitive, Anne of Green Gables PBS, The LIttle Princess PBS, The Dark Angel, the 60s Prisoner collection, anything 70s dramatic and depressing: Silkwood, Mask, Midnight Express, Deliverance, Beguiled... foreign films: The Ox, French stuff, anything Japanese with death at the end. Grave of the Fireflies. Okay, okay, and a guilty pleasure is The Sound of Music (I even sing along).

Favorite Music: Death Cab for Cutie, Fancey, Kings of Convenience, Stars, Innocence Mission, Stereolab, Dolly Parton, Sea and Cake, Air, Acid House Kings, The Pale Pacific, Alsace Lorraine, Postal Service, Aluminum Group, Arto Lindsay, Belle and Sebastian, Blonde Redhead, La Mans, Tosca, Thievery Corporation, Songs Ohia, Tortoise, Saint Etienne, Solex, Avail, Tribe Called Quest, Mc Solaar, De La Soul, Cinnamon, Outcast, Tortoise, Beck (when he's not trying too hard), Clinton, Club 8, Les Nubians, Zap Mama, Erykah Badu, Four Tet, Combustible Edison, Hank Dogs, See Venus…and I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I like to listen to Madonna's Immaculate Collection while running in Central Park.

Favorite TV Shows: PBS: Masterpiece Theater, Antiques Roadshow, Globe Trekker, Now, Egg, Nova, POV, Frontline...okay, I'm a dork. Love Channel 25's Under the Bridge––old school hip hop, here we come! Oh, and my secret guilty pleasures: Oprah, Starting Over, those cheesy reality shows.

About Me: I'm hyperactive sometimes, inside my head all the time, I like pizza and chicken fajitas mainly, health food never, I'm a workaholic, work hard/ play hard, I like to paint, I like lawn ornaments, I don't like garden gnomes though, I love photographing abandoned spaces, I like sunny day not rainy ones, I am a decorating fanatic, love flea markets and junky antique stores, I secretly want to be a lounge singer and a detective, I hate walking anywhere but I don't mind running or driving, I like metal things, I like rust, I don't like white cars, I like fancy trash cans where you can lift up the lid with your foot, I don't like fake people, I don't like cats that bite, I like cats that don't bite, I hate the smell of fish but I love the smell of skunk, I am creating a website but it's growing too big to care for, oh speaking of caring for things, I like mowed lawns, rivers, trees...where are the lawns in Brooklyn? where? I'm going to find some, would anyone like join?

Who I Want to Meet: people who are like-minded